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The last few months have been crazy globally for all of us and now many of us find ourselves stuck at home, often thousands of miles away from our families on the other side of the world.

As a filmmaker, I've always shot a lot of footage of our daughter on my smartphone and starting from her first year I've taken the time to compile the footage my husband and I shoot and edit it together into an annual birthday celebration film that we can share with friends and relatives via social media. We've found its a great way for everyone not to feel as though they are missing out on all the magic moments as she grows up.

Every year when I share the film I have numerous friends and family members suggest that there's maybe a bigger idea here that should be explored. That maybe other families would like to celebrate their little ones with custom films too...

So finally, I'm giving it a go - and Cheeky Monkey Kids is the latest monkey on the block (and my new venture) aimed at connecting loved ones together during these hard times.

Please go check out the gorgeous custom celebration films we've created for other families featuring a bunch of very small cute people!