Month: October 2017

Today (Singapore): “Charity screening raises S$6,000 for migrant workers’ NGO”

Directed by British filmmaker Joanna Bowers and released earlier this year in Hong Kong, the documentary has garnered wide media coverage.

Speaking at the screening, Ms Bowers said she wanted to call attention to domestic helpers — a segment of society that often looks upon themselves as invisible — and remind them of their importance to households. When making the film, she had encountered women who were surprised someone wanted to delve into their lives.

Joanna Bower (left), the director and Tony Verb, the producer of the documentary, The Helper. The Singapore screening of the documentary took place at The Projector on 22 Oct 2017. It features domestic helpers. Photo by Najeer Yusof.




Cathay Pacific – Behind The Scenes

Pleased to be able to share a little behind-the-scenes action from a recent commercial shoot I did for Cathay Pacific in conjunction with the agency Eight Partnership from  Hong Kong.  Eight had spent a really long time work on the rebranding of Cathay and the cornerstone of that was an update of the livery design on the airplanes themselves.

Hong Kong Director Joanna Bowers works with DP Jack Lam on Cathay Pacific commercial shoot

Cathay is one of the most iconic Hong Kong brands in existence and the goal of this short film was to tell the story of how and why the livery needed updating and explore the chronological process that the designers used to reimagine the brand for a modern day consumer. I was lucky enough to have one of my favorite cinematographers Jack Lam on board for the shoot!

Director Joanna Bowers works with talent on set of Cathay Pacific shoot

Adding to the challenge of the filming  (other than hoping that the planes would be where we wanted them on the shoot day) was that I was also 5 months pregnant whilst directing, so not able to run around quite as much as I might usually on set!  It didn’t hold me back though – lucky to always have a PA nearby with a chair!

Commercial Director Joanna Bowers on location shooting for Cathay Pacific

We shot some incredible visuals and created some really powerful and dynamic storytelling for the brand that came together with some awesome VFX shots once we moved into post-production.

Director Joanna Bowers working with talent on Cathay Pacific shoot while pregnant

Added bonus was that the Cathay Pacific staff members we cast were naturals on camera and took direction really well!

Joanna Bowers directs talent on set shooting for Cathay Pacific livery film

And we had a really fantastic team on board for the production!

Behind The Scenes location scouting for Cathay Pacific brand film shoot


You can check out the finished film from this commercial shoot here: