My first podcast experience with Hashtag Impact

#Impact podcast featuring Joanna Bowers talking about The Helper documentary

I was honored when asked by the very eloquent and charismatic host of the #Impact podcast series Regina Larko if I would be her featured guest for an episode to talk about how The Helper documentary came to be and the ongoing impact the film is having.  The interview itself was so much fun – connecting with another Hong Kong mum in media and sharing stories about my passions for telling women’s stories and my hopes and dreams for the film and its impact. I hope you enjoy listening!

Check out the link below to listen to the episode:

#49: The maternal sacrifice of Migrant Domestic Workers.

Joanna Bowers says "anyone can have an impact if I can" talking about The Helper documentary on #Impact podcast

But there’s more #Impact podcast…

I hope if you take the time to check out this well produced episode you’ll go on to enjoy the rest of the #Impact series featuring a host of incredible dynamic women having impact in Hong Kong. I love Regina’s tagline –

A podcast about stuff that matters –

Listen on the #impact podcast website: