Month: April 2024

“My Extra Special Aunty” is published


I'm super excited to be launching my first children's book "My Extra Special Aunty" into the world!  I've loved every moment of working with the incredible team of women who came together to make this project a reality!

I was first introduced to the artists of Guhit Kulay back in 2018 and this group of Filipino artists - especially Cristina Cayat and Noemi Manguerra  - blew me away with their incredible talent and creativity. I was also interested to learn that they were (at the time) all here in Hong Kong working as migrant domestic workers. We decided we wanted to collaborate on a book project - so in consultation with the artists I wrote the story and they created the illustrations!

Here's why we're so excited about this project:

1) It's Hong Kong's first children's book illustrated by migrant domestic workers

2) This is a local story, told in English and Traditional Chinese

3) All proceeds for book sales and events go to Enrich HK and PathFinders Hong Kong 融幼社 to support more Extra-Special Aunties!

This project has been in the works for a long time and wouldn't have seen the light of day if it wasn't for the support of Joanna Hotung, as well as the incredible teams at PathFinders Hong Kong 融幼社 and Enrich HK led by the wonderful Catherine Gurtin and Lucinda Pike with all of us organized by my fab campaign manager Zamira Monteiro.

Big thanks to my design team Vickie Chan, Lauren Swintek and Penelope Zhou too.

You can buy the book in Hong Kong at Lion Rock Press and Bookazine

We're also in the process of launching our schools and corporates program - so check out our website

Author Joanna Bowers with illustrator Cristina Cayat

“The Helper” screening at Film at Lincoln Center as part of Lulu Wang’s Road To Expats screening series

Ticket for The Helper screening at Lincoln Center
Director Joanna Bowers with Madeline Whittle

Images courtesy of Film at Lincoln Center. Photo: Arin Sang-urai, 2024