When we arrived back in Hong Kong in March and watched as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of the world, the global news was pretty overwhelming and heartbreaking. Like many, amidst such sadness and uncertainty, I was looking for a positive action to take.
In light of this, I randomly connected with Brad and the team at Underscore Films in Los Angeles and we set out to create a film highlighting the positive stories coming out of the pandemic. They assembled a team of 20 producers from around the world, and we started looking for incredible actions we could capture on film, remotely!
Gradually I began collecting stories to share; a friend's girlfriend in the Philippines who was giving away bags of food to people in her village who had run out, my Sister-In-Law in Italy who told me about how they were about to deliver bread and produce to a village in the Val D'Orcia that had been cut off, a local social enterprise here in Hong Kong that was delivering much needed hygiene kits to street cleaners.
As the stories began coming together, we quickly realized that this film would not just be about positivity, but instead, about the humanity in people. The everyday heroes amongst us. And I hope it inspires anyone who watches.