Brunswick Creative client The Hong Kong Jockey Club came to us with the challenge of wanting to share more about the vast range of charitable work their organisation supports, but needing to do so with a humble and authentic tone. This brief was exactly in my wheelhouse and sparked my creative vision as an opportunity to shine the spotlight on some of the incredible NGOs in the city and the heroic work they do! Since making “The Helper” documentary I’ve stayed close to a lot of the amazing people working in non-profits and I was thrilled to find several of them on the list of HKJC beneficiaries including Impact HK, Splash and more…

As I researched the different charity sectors to be included and understood the work they do, images began popping into my head, that I started to pull into a sequence of vignettes that we could stitch together using dynamic camera moves and clever transitions. It was going to be challenging to feature so many different organisations and convey their focus to an audience member in just a few seconds – but my team and I were excited to rise to the occasion and tell what we felt would be a very impactful story.

Filming with the fan dancing ladies from the Healthy Ageing program at HKU
Filming children with special needs learning to swim with Splash!
Filming at the Mai Po Wetlands Nature Reserve
Joanna working with blind HKJC Scholarship recipient Michelle Liu

Filming saw us traversing Hong Kong from the Mai Po Wetlands to the cage homes of Sham Shui Po and many varied locations in between with our fantastic crew. We met and filmed with a huge array of people ranging from young to old including people of all abilities and we were truly amazed by the reach and impact of the projects that HKJC supports.

Our resulting TV commercial campaign brings all that impact to life in an energetic and emotional series of spots that I’m very proud of.